This is the base plugin of affiliate-toolkit and need to be installed first.
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affiliate-toolkit (Base Plugin) lets you easily integrate your products into your WordPress posts. By using our templates, you can present the products in different boxes on your webpage.


  • Download the Amazon Product Advertising API here (free)
  • Shortcode generator
  • Bestseller lists
  • Search lists
  • Import amazon products
  • Search products from backend
  • Connect with your tracking-id (100% your affiliate earnings)
  • 100% comptability to caching plugins


  • German
  • English
  • Translateable with *.po files

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Version 3.2.6, 01. August 2022
  • bugfixes
  • Added improvements to UI
Version 3.2.5, 24. July 2022
  • optimized the image loading via image proxy
  • bugfix: settings page error
  • improved the min/max offer change for productboxes
  • "group_result" parameter for grouping products (not showing every single offer)
  • added filter "atkp_product_filter_args" and "atkp_product_filter_has_wp_filter"
  • atkp shortcode shows now correct admin links
Version 3.2.4, 29. June 2022
  • Bugfix: Lists are empty if "import" was enabled
  • Bugfix: Star rating not displayed if empty
  • Bugfix: Manual offers not displayed
Version 3.2.3, 22. June 2022
  • Updated naming of setting tabs
  • Removed unused files
  • Added notification of discounts (disable via settings)
Version 3.2.2, 17. June 2022
  • Bugfix: widget error
  • Bugfix: cronjob url fixed
  • New: Option to show or hide shop name
  • Prime logo replaced
  • Bugfix: Products were visible in frontend search
  • New: Shop logos now visible in backend
Version 3.2.1, 11. June 2022
  • Improvement for loading extensions
  • Bugfix: "Umlaute" issue on product import
Version 3.2.0, 11. June 2022
  • Compatiblity bugfix
Version 3.1.9, 10. June 2022
  • PHP 8 support
  • Mail Report updated
Version 3.1.8, 16. May 2022
  • (Internal)Update of the product model
Version 3.1.7, 02. May 2022
  • Support for new extension
Version 3.1.6, 23. April 2022
  • Updated template management
  • Base unit now support unit count
  • publicly_queriable default to false
  • Improvement on product saving
  • Bugfix: manual offer was not correctly displayed
  • German translation updated
Version 3.1.5, 09. April 2022
  • Bugfix: List not showing last update

Version 3.1.4, 08. April 2022
  • add gtin/isbn/ean validation

  • bugfix. variations not displayed

  • add base unit price support

  • add option to update post title and permalink on product change

  • Products are not deleted before update

Version 3.1.3, 12. March 2022
  • Bugfix: Sale price equal 0 throws an error message
  • Bugfix: Old offers were still displayed after product update
  • Queue History added to product, shop and list detail view
  • New: Day option for days before queue log deleted
  • Bugfix: duplicate shopids now deleting
  • Bugfix: WooCommerce Price update
  • New: "Show WooCommerce product" in AT product
  • New: Hide product in woocommerce catalog if price is equal zero
  • New: Option for ongoing update of woocommerce title
  • Bugfix: Prevent parallel execution of cronjobs
  • Bugfix: Characters now only removed from description if required
  • Bugfix: Order by price was not working in dynamic filter
  • Dynamic filter now displays all shops
  • New: Shop replacement tool for old shops (replace by id all referenced shops)
  • New shortcode: [atkp ids='<listid>,<productid>,<product-slug>,<list-title>' template='bestseller'][/atkp]
  • Improved the offer duplicate detection
  • Offers are now also sort via cpc (highest CPC is on top)
  • Added a Marketplace Account Deletion - Endpoint for ebay
Version 3.1.2, 16. February 2022
  • Bugfix: "Search Key" was not working for new product
  • Bugfix: special characters broke the import mask
  • Replaced the internal key separator for product updates
Version 3.1.1, 08. February 2022
  • Bugfix: list entries not shown
  • Changed queue entries from "created on" to "last change"
  • Improved the update product queue creation
  • Added support for isbn and gtin price comparision search
  • Added multiple key support for products
  • Added sortorder to product (override global setting)
  • Updated "detailoffers" template (more responsive solution)
  • Added the template "detailoffers_nologo"
  • Increased the maximum queue count from 250 to 2500 (product)
  • Increased the maximum queue count from 150 to 2500 (list)
  • Added "SAVEQUERIES" const to affiliate-toolkit-cron.php to prevent wp saving query history
  • Delete job for old queues (older than 3 days)
Version 3.1.0, 23. January 2022
  • Bugfix: Error on product import
  • Updated license view
Version 3.0.9, 23. January 2022
  • Bugfix: List search in generator was not working
  • Compatiblity Fix. piotnetgrid
  • Added Main product hook for cpts
  • Bugfix: manual offer link error
  • Bugfix: Fixed Permission for Autor
  • Added "Main list" for posts and products
  • Added the hook "atkp_mainproduct_posttypes" to add main products to cpts
  • Moved the template import function into main plugin
  • Added sql index to queue table
  • Improved the "search product" form
  • Added the key "return" to shortcode generator search
  • Added sql Index to queue table
Version 3.0.8, 15. January 2022
  • Optimized handling for subshop generation
  • Minor improvements of subshop handling
Version 3.0.7, 28. December 2021
  • JQuery removed
Version 3.0.6, 26. December 2021
  • Bugfixes
Version 3.0.5, 12. December 2021
  • Bugfix: AWIN shop -> Product import -> linked to first subshop
  • Bugfix: Imported product was not exported to WooCommerce
  • Added Exception handling for cronjob
  • "Fix Credentials empty" error on cron update
  • Fix for PHP 7.2: Queue entry throw error
  • Bugfix: blade template not found throw error
  • Added product search on product page
  • Added option for migration of products (v2 -> v3) - Tools -> Debug -> Migration
Version 3.0.4, 07. December 2021
  • Bugfix: product boxes are not showing the shop buttons and logos
  • Bugfix: Manual lists are not updating on save and not showing in frontend
  • Bugfix: shortcode "atkp_list product_ids='9275,9276,9277'" not working
  • Added a license field for base plugin (for receiving automatic updates)
Version 3.0.3, 06. December 2021
  • Bugfix: title is not set after import
  • Bugfix: Productcategory is missing in the ATKP menu
  • Bugfix: Customfield is not displayed on datasheet (only after deletion the products table)
Version 3.0.2, 01. December 2021
  • Bugfix: Internal tables was not created on first initialization - To fix this error, go to "Tools" -> "Regenerate non existing tables"
Version 3.0.1, 01. December 2021
  • Bugfix: "Class not found "atkp_searform_helper"
Version 3.0.0, 30. November 2021
  • New: Initial Release
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30. November 2021
Last updated:
18. September 2022
Tested up to:
5.2 or higher
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