With the Affiliate-Toolkit we provide you with a plugin that can be seamlessly integrated in your existing WordPress page. It is a wonderful tool if you want to manage your affiliate links in one centralized place. This tool kit is the perfect addition for those who want to upgrade their niche page, their blog, or company website.


Aside from the ASA1-compatibility mode our plugin also provides own product pages, price comparisons, and a variety of other functions. This software substitutes complete affiliate themes. Just as you like, you can use the free or the premium themes. The plugin works totally independent of the theme.


You don’t need any computer programmer knowledge. The plugin takes care of everything for you. Adjustments can comfortably be made via adjusting the HTML-templates from the WordPress backend.


By the way, thanks to our free plugin you can easily earn your first Euros with affiliate marketing.


Till recently I used the Affiliate Booster but already had to make some changes myself due to the missing support. After Affiliate Booster showed its true attitude, I needed to find an alternative. That’s how I found Affiliate Toolkit which is pretty similar in the range of functions. After testing the free version for a short time, I rather soon purchased the standard version. Handling and usage is very easy and the plugin offers everything you need for decent price comparison. However, I am still missing some functions and the documentation could be improved but therefore the support is outstanding and reacts almost immediate when you have questions and concerns.

After some testing, questioning, and trying I finally found Affiliate-Toolkit. There I waited for a new version as the migration of ASA1 worked seamlessly. Additionally, the support was/is fast & easy going (might be true for other tool providers as well). I am using it on several pages and I am more than happy and can highly recommend it.


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