Belboon interface

The Belboon interface of the Affiliate-Toolkits – Gain from one of the largest German affiliate networks.


The Belboon interface of the Affiliate-Toolkit allows you to connect your WordPress internet presence with the Belboon affiliate network and to easily make some money. Belboon is one of three leading German affiliate marking networks and has more than 1800 partner programs to offer. Publishers from about 50 nations are active in this network. The network places main focus on the medium-sized companies and on advertisers from the longtail-sector.


The Affiliate-Toolkit plugin allows you to integrate the service provider with just a little bit of work into your WordPress installation. Afterwards you can conveniently advertise a tremendous number of products and services of the affiliate network. For example, interesting niche products of different partners can be displayed on your websites.


The complete administration of the Belboon connection is integrated into the WordPress administration surface and build analog along with the interfaces of other affiliate networks such as affilinet, eBay or Amazon. You don’t need any specific programmer, CSS, or HTML knowledge to present or list the products in different versions on the websites you host. Administration is created neatly and can be handled intuitively.



The Belboon-interface offers a broad range of functions you can use. It supports you when you search products or services, when you create individual lists, and when transmitting the product information of the many different partners. The action can be defined and performed directly inside of the Backend of WordPress.


The main emphasis of the interface is on the convenient definition and execution of queries and on the easy import of products. In addition to the easy product searches with key terms and sorting you can also take advantage of the advanced search options. They allow you to freely search with individual search terms and prices. The results can be flexibly sorted according to your desires, be displayed differently and be sent to WordPress. This is the major difference between the Affiliate-Toolkit and the other plugins. Because it is the only one that offers advanced search and sorting options.

As soon as the products have been integrated into your WordPress page, the picture, price, and URL update starts automatically. Should the product not be available anymore, the plugin sends you an automated e-mail with additional information. The price comparison can be set up either manually or automatically. information provided by the API concerning the individual products can be edited as needed in the WordPress backend. The Belboon interface guarantees protection against unauthorized access by secured transmitting of encoded HTTP-protocols (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure).

Depending on the partner program and the usage of the specific fields the interface can in general supply the following fields for import into WordPress: title, description, pictures (different sizes), list price, retail price, shipping costs, affiliate link, product group, manufacturer and brank, as well as EAN.


There are certain requirements which need to be met for the installation and usage of the Affiliate-Toolkit plugin’s Belboon interface: You need version 4.2 or later of WordPress and your WordPress hosting needs to support at least the PHP version 5.4. Additionally, you need an active account at the affiliate network, Belboon.