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Our Affiliate-Toolkit provides you with an incredible range of functions

Adapts to your themes

The plugin allows you to use random WordPress themes. It automatically adapts to your theme and supports you when integrating your affiliate products into the desired design.

Responsive layout

The plugin is responsive and this way it perfectly adjusts to the different screen sizes of the terminal devices. Whether smartphone, tablet or PC, the products will be presented properly and appealing.

1 year update included

Along with the plugin you also receive an automated 1 year update. After that you can renew your license for another year at attractive terms.

Support when problems arise

In case questions or problems arise during the operation or installation of the plugin, our e-mail support will be on hand with help and advice at any time. Our experts gladly answer any question you may have regarding the Affiliate-Toolkit.

Shortcode generator

The shortcode generator offers you the opportunity to easily create shortcodes within the WordPress editor directly via the Affiliate-Toolkit button. This way integrating products, lists, or templates into the respective post becomes really easy.


Our tool can display lists and products in the normal widget fields of WordPress. Additionally, the widget is also able to display product-dependent content. Simply choose the product in the post and the widget automatically shows the information (in case the product exists).

Product import and manual editing

Product import is one main function of the Affiliate-Toolkit. It allows you to import random products from different affiliate networks and to display them in the desired form on the website. The imported information can be edited if needed.

List import and manual creation of lists

Lists can be imported in many different forms or they may be created manually. Whether bestseller lists, new releases, extended lists, or manual lists, a variety of lists is at your command.

Hover product links

If requests you can additionally activate so called hover product links. In text links they present additional product information, such as pictures, to your visitors.

Google Analytics Tracking

An Analytics-Tracking-Event is automatically added to the advertised products. This way you are given the opportunity to perform thorough analyses with the help of the Google Analytics Tools and to optimize your websites for your visitors.

You did not find your function?

We have listed some features of our plugin here. To describe all functions in detail here would go beyond the scope. Our plugin is flexible and so we also.

Just ask in the forum or our FB group and we will try to answer your question as soon as possible.

Automatic short links

You can configure your desired link shortener host. As soon as it is activated, the plugin automatically shortens all outbound links and optimizes the properties of your pages.

Price comparisons

Price comparisons can be conducted either automatically or manually. The price comparison can be performed via different affiliate networks and uses the EAN as a reference. Once activated, the plugin performs the comparison automatically. You can also compare prizes between the different affiliate networks and the EAN is used as a reference. Once activated the plugin automatically performs the comparison. You can also link products manually for comparisons.

Templates that meet your individual needs

Innately the plugin contains many different templates. Additionally, it offers the function of editing individual templates. The editing process is very flexible as the corresponding templates only need to be integrated in the proxy. That’s even easier than creating e.g. a mail merge.

Custom fields and taxonomies

When needed individual and own fields can be added to each product. These fields could be e.g. text boxes, dropdown lists, or yes/no fields. As soon as the information was added during import, it can be access from everywhere.

Product pages

As soon as the product pages have been activated, the products are available in the frontend. The corresponding product pages can be adjusted as needed. This way it is very easy to create e.g. an affiliate shop.

Responsive product comparison

The comparison charts are at the heart of your affiliate pages. With the help of our plugin you can flexibly adjust the comparison charts according to your own wishes. The table automatically adapts to the size of your visitor’s screen.

E-mail notification

In case a product is longer available (price = 0) or in case an error regarding the product occurs, you will receive an automated e-mail notification if requested.

Compatible with all caching plugins

Our plugin updates data via WordPress-Cronjob, this means that there won’t be any problems with the caching plugin. The product data won’t be updated during uptime but rather loaded from the own repository as well.

ASA1 and ASA2 compatibility mode

The ASA compatibility mode allows you to affordably and easily switch to our plugin and at the same time it increases the range of functions. With just one click you can get rid of your old AmazonSimpleAdmin installation.

Frontend product filter

The frontend product filter allows your visitors to choose the product filter option in the frontend. Afterwards your products will be displayed on their own pages according to the preselected filter criteria such as price, brand, etc.

Completely translateable

Our plugin comes with *.po files. You can translate it into any language you would like to using programs such as Poedit. German and English versions are already included.

WooCommerce products with price comparison

With our plugin you can build WooCommerce as an affiliate shop. You can import the products easily and quickly. This allows you to create a shop for your visitors within minutes.

DSGVO compatibility

The images can be redirected to your server via one-click options. This can z.b. Amazon does not tap your visitor's IP.

Product variations

For Amazon products you can easily import variations. So you can display all variations (like color or size) on you webpage.


Already at the delivery of the plugin all interfaces are delivered. 

Amazon interface

The Amazon interface of the plugin grants you access to the leading online mail order company, Amazon. You will have countless products and the world’s largest variety of books, CDs, and videos at your fingertips. interface

The interface connects your WordPress installation with one Europe’s largest affiliate network. This way you will get in touch with more than 3.500 advertisers with a vast variety of products. The interface is perfect for everyone who wants to earn money by comparing products or by advertising niche products.

Zanox interface

The Zanox interface of the plugin offers you the opportunity to gain from Europe’s largest affiliate network. This way you can make money by advertising or comparing products.

eBay interface

The plugin’s popular eBay interface provides you with an alternative to Amazon. Thanks to the interface you gain from the world’s largest online market place and from more than 50.000 different product categories.

Belboon interface

Connect to Belboon. Belboon is one of the leading affiliate networks in the German-speaking world and has its focus on mobile products.

TradeDoubler interface

Get access to TradeDoubler and leading international top advertisers. TradeDoubler offers you an extremely good international purview so you can advertise your products within your WordPress installation.

Webgains interface

The Webgains-API grants you access to some exclusive partner programs. Webgains is a rather small affiliate network but its portfolio contains some interesting exclusive partners. You can integrate products into your website either via API (Beta) or via the CSV interface.

CSV interface

The CSV interface offers you a very flexible interface for the easy import of text files. This way you can also integrate countless partner programs without API.

CJ interface

CJ-API (Conversant) allows the connection to some exclusive partner programs. You can import products conveniently from the WordPress backend and as usual integrate them into your site.

Adcell interface

With the Adcell API, you can easily import the products into the WordPress backend and embed them on your page.

AWIN interface

With the CSV importer, you can easily import the products into the WordPress backend and embed them on your page.

Are you ready for your next project?

With our plugin you can start immediately and take your project to a new level. Amazon should not be the only affiliate program on your site.

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