How to create an affiliate shop with WooCommerce |

How to create an affiliate shop with WooCommerce

The WooCommerce interface allows you to connect our Affiliate Toolkit with the highly popular and widely demanded shop plugin WooCommerce. The WooCommerce plugin expands the Content Management System WordPress by the functionality of a high-performance affiliate shop and is one of the most used.


Configurating the WooCommerce interface.

In combination with the Affiliate-Toolkit and its countless publisher interfaces a tremendous number of affiliate shops can be realized. Unlike the rival WooZone, who only supports Amazon-API, the Affiliate-Toolkit allows you the usage of all publisher interfaces. Even price comparisons can be integrated into and displayed in the online shop without any problems.


Thanks to the interface and the APIs your WooCommerce online shop gets access to the leading mail order company Amazon and to its countless products or to the online marketplace of eBay. Additionally you can advertise the products of all partners of the big affiliate networks Affilinet, Zanox or Belboon and easily earn money this way.


Product import for Woocommerce products

Just like all other functions of the Affiliate-Toolkits, the WooCommerce interface is completely integrated in the plugin and allows you to comfortably manage the WordPress surface via the backend user surface. You are given access to countless functions for creating products in the WooCommerce shop or for the creation of product comparisons via Affiliate-Toolkit.


Requirements for using the WooCommerce interface

Product import for WooCommerce products

Our Affiliate-Toolkit plugin is already delivered with a fully functional interface to WooCommerce. In general, this means that all APIs of the Affiliate-Toolkit as well as APIs for Amazon, eBay or Zaxnox can also be used with your WooCommerc shop. The only requirement is a pre-installed WooCommerce plugin.

Bevor you can use and install the WooCommerce-API, you need to complete a few important tasks. Checking your permalink structure and generating the API keys are just two of them. As soon as these tasks are completed you can set up the functions of the WooCommerce interface in the menu of the Affiliate-Toolkits via “Tools” à “WooCommerce”. Via the displayed form all functions can be setup and configurated easily.

The potential use of WooCommerce’s interface in detail

WooCommerce product site with import of gallery.

The WooCommerce interface of the Affiliate-Toolkit offers you an incredible range of functions for successful affiliate marketing. Products from different platforms can be imported to your WooCommerce online shop and advertised via the WordPress installation. Of course, the Affiliate-Toolkit will adjust to the theme of your affiliate shop and supports the integration of affiliate products with the desired design.

The presentation adapts to all display sizes of terminal devices and is completely responsive. Whether you have visitors using a PC, a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet, all products will be presented appealing and suitable for the chosen screen size.

Via the WooCommerce mode you can decide if products from the Affiliate-Toolkit should be added to the WooCommerce Shop or vice versa. Normally the Affiliate-Toolkit creates products in your WooCommerce-Shop. The other way around is e.g. suitable if you want to switch from Affiliate-Booster to the Affiliate-Toolkit but don’t want to import products already listed in your online shop all over again.

Price comparison within the WooCommerce-Tab.

The price comparison tab is available for price comparisons, which may look different depending on the used WordPress theme. Price comparison tabs allow you to show other than standard templates. There are also different options for the displayed prices such as list prices or the most expensive or the cheapest offer of the price comparison.

As key type for shortcuts between the WooCommerce-Shop and the Affiliate-Toolkit the WooCommerce interface can either use the EAN or the intern product ID of the Affiliate-Toolkit. Even replacing or exchanging EANs and IDs for changing the key type is possible.

The product pictures in the WooCommerce-Shop can automatically be imported and are regularly updated or they can also be directly connected to an external picture. The same holds true for picture galleries. Overriding the product description and short description in the shop during each update is also available as an independent option. The feature “Show disclaimer of liability” shows the disclaimer of liability including the update date and the time on every WooCommerce product page.

So called widgets can be really useful for your WooCommerce-Shop. Using widgets means that the products on your sidebar depend on the corresponding displayed product. This way additional information depending on the product on the main page can be displayed effortlessly.

Additionally, it is also allowed to create own templates. The usage of shortcuts rounds out the range of functions of the interface. All WooCommerce-products can use the Affiliate-Toolkit shortcode witout you knowing or entering the product ID.

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