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How to integrate Amazon products into your WordPress page

The Amazon interface of our WordPress-Affiliate-Toolkit plugin gives you access to the leading online mail order company Amazon and to its countless variety of products. According to its own statements Amazon has the world’s largest selection of books, CDs, and videos. Additionally, a widespread assortment of other product categories is offered. By advertising these products as part of your WordPress internet presence, you can easily earn money. There is a reason as to why the Amazon-interface is the most popular API of our Affiliate-Toolkit.

Since the very first release of the plugin the interface has been part of the tool and offers you countless possibilities to gain from Amazon’s product variety. The Amazon-API is completely integrated in the plugin and allows convenient usage via the WordPress backend. The interface offers many functions for importing products and for performing search requests. Especially notable are the advanced search options of API.

What does the Amazon interface offer in detail?

One option to import products via Amazon.

The interface allows for searching for and importing of products easily from the backend of WordPress. Besides the easy product search with key words and sorting the lists as well as creating lists with category bestsellers most likely the advanced search option of the interface convinces the user. – Because we are the only plugin that supports an advanced search (which considering the API-definition). This search function allows you to freely search for prices and random search terms. At the same time, the lists can be flexibly sorted and adjusted. The imported products and the prices as well as pictures and URL are updated by the interface automatically. In case a product is no longer available you can receive an e-mail notification via e-mail automatically.

Of course, all product information sent via API can be adjusted within the WordPress backend. The HTTPS-Standards (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) can be activated for loading the pictures. An automated price comparison with other shops is possible via EAN or manual shortcuts.

In detail, the information API provides you with for the import into WordPress is as follows:

description, title, and pictures of the products in different sizes (small, medium, large), picture gallery, affiliate link, list price, sale price, and costs for S&H as well as product groups, EAN, manufacturer, and make. We additionally offer support for loading bestsellers and new releases.

Requirements for connecting the api with Amazon

Sample presentation for products.

There are certain requirements which need to be met so that the in the interface integrated in the Affiliate-Toolkit can create a connection to Amazon and transfer data to WordPress. One mandatory requirement is an active account in the Amazon partner network which you can set up yourself in no time. You need version 4.2 or later of WordPress and your WordPress hosting needs to support at least the PHP version 5.4, PHP Soap and CURL.

Aside from the fee-based version of the Amazon interface with its broad range of functions, there is also the Amazon plugin which is also available as a free starter version with limited functions. This one can be downloaded from our website for free and tested according to your needs. A details documentation regarding the Amazon interface including instructions for set up is also available on our site.

Functions at a glance

  • Conveniently search for products via the backend of WordPress and import.
  • Lists with simpler product search (key words and sorting)
  • Lists with category bestsellers
  • Lists with advanced search (random search for price, search item, sorting)
  • Automatic updates of price, picture, and URL.
  • Notifications as soon as a product (price = 0) is no longer available (per e-mail)
  • Adjusting all product information from the API in the WordPress backend
  • Support for HTTPS
  • Automatic price comparison (with other shops) using EAN or manual connections.
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