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Integrate affiliate products via the CSV interface

The CSV-interface of the Affiliate-Toolkit allows you to dynamically or manually add random products to your WordPress installation. It is a very handy and useful add-on of the Affiliate-Toolkit plugin and it is suitable to integrate any kind of CSV-files into your shop. In case your affiliate partner does not support API but provides you with the CSV version, your interface basically offers the same functions as APIs of other affiliate networks, such as belboon, affilinet, eBay, Zanox or Amazon.

As soon as the CSV-list is available in the proper format at the desired location, the plugin updates the product information regularly and treats it like data from other APIs. This way you can integrate random affiliate partner into your WordPress website and you can advertise a vast variety of different products. The possibilities are almost endless. The CSV-interface is integrated into the WordPress Backend just like the other interfaces and operation is easy.

In order to present products from a CSV-file on your page and to list them in the desired form, you neither need specific CSS nor HTML knowledge nor programmer skills. The list is created fast and saved properly. Via the backend the import functions can be configurated and controlled conveniently.

Working analog with the csv interface on the other api interfaces

Working with the CSV-interface is as easy as working with other interfaces. In general, the same functions are available for import, search, price comparison, or for sorting products. The update of your WordPress page is done automatically as soon as the data of the CSV-files has changed.

Via the previously assigned connection of the CSV-file fields with the standard fields of the Affiliate-Toolkit the product information has been distinctively assigned. The standard fields, which are available to you for linking, are e.g. title, descriptions, picture-URLs, prices, availability, manufacturer, brand, shipping costs or EAN and ISBN.

Import your own csv list into wordpress in just a few steps

For importing your CSV-file, just a few steps are necessary. You need to choose the CSV-API within the Affiliate-Toolkit plugin and enter the CSV-URL. Later on, the fields of the file will be linked to the standard fields of the plugin. Now the file’s products can be imported into the internal product data base. All imported products can be immediately used just like products from other affiliate networks on your website. It is important to know that the CSV-file needs to remain in its assigned location. If you remember that rule, the plugin updates date from the file regularly. If changes or addons are performed on the file, the CSV-interface sends them to your WordPress products.

There are certain requirements which need to be met so that the CSV- interface integrated in the WordPress installation plugin can be used: You need version 4.2 or later of WordPress and your WordPress hosting needs to support at least the PHP version 5.4.

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