Product-, price comparison and flexible layout

One of the main advantages of the Affiliate-Toolkit plugin is its flexibility. When it comes to layout you are given a variety of possibilities to present your products on WordPress according to your desires.


The choice is yours if you want to use standard templates and adjust them with the help of proxies or if you would like to create your own flexible templates. Additionally, a vast variety of ready to use templates are available for download. Standard templates with responsive comparison charts already make your work on product comparisons easier. They ensure that every product comparison is always optimally presented on all devices of your user. Of course, all templates will adjust to the WordPress theme you have picked.


The comparison automatically switches to the mobile version whenever the screen seems to be too small.

The Affiliate-Toolkit’s comparison chart is fully responsively created. It allows you an ideal presentation of all product comparisons on your WordPress pages. Whether you have visitors using a PC, a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet, the responsive technology detects the size of the display of the corresponding device and adjusts the comparison charts accordingly. Thanks to the responsive layout of the tables unnecessary scrolling or confusing presentations can be avoided. Visitors stay longer on your sites thanks to the enhanced surfing experience and the probability for conversion automatically rises as well.


Users of the Affiliate-Toolkit plugin are granted access to an incredibly variety of ready-to-use templates. They can be easily downloaded via our documentation. Use these templates 1:1 for your WordPress installation or use them as a basic framework for individually created templates. It just takes a few easy steps to import and directly use these templates. At the download website, you can find e.g. templates for compact product comparisons, for compact presentation of bestsellers or templates for presenting random products in the sidebar of WordPress.


Additional templates are suitable for integrating simpler product tables in your article, allow you to integrate the central “Here you can find” buttons or allow you to display are wider or smaller product box without description. We have many more templates available for download, besides all the ones already mentioned. If you want to, all templates can be customized according to needs and wishes.



The templates for the Affiliate-Toolkit allow you to extend and upgrade the presentation of product presentation and comparison as you wish. They offer you a high degree of flexibility and can easily be worked on in the WordPress backend. They can be found at “Affiliate-Toolkit” “Templates”. Here, at this menu of the plugin, they can be created and adjusted. The structure of the templates was created in a clear way and is for example similar to the mail merge function of Microsoft Word.


You simply add proxies to the template you defined. When published, the template replaces the proxy on the WordPress website with the actual values. You are offered an incredible amount of proxies for your product template area and for comparison charts, offer templates, and gallery templates.



The template designer in WordPress backend. Build your HTML-templates using proxies.

Adjusting the standard template is another option to influence the product presentation on your sites. You are given access to settings via the “Display” tab of the Affiliate-Toolkit. The templates on the complete website can be managed via the options presented there.


Examples of possible options are showing prices, showing discounts or star and customer reviews, displaying Hover link information for products or changing list content. In case you are using your own templates, it may be possible that some of the settings in this option will not affect and change your template.


It’s easy and fast to set up price comparisons.

Via EAN you can create an automated price comparison across all interfaces. You simply need to click on the corresponding option in the shop. After that the EAN of the imported product will be used to search for offers in activated shops. The found offers can then be easily presented via an additional template.