Branding / Press

In order to promote affiliate-toolkit or communicate properly with your target audience, you need to use the right brand elements such as logos, graphics and colors.

The current brand affiliate-toolkit was founded in May 2016. At that time, we launched version 1.0. In May 2022 we started to update the brand and the website step by step. We are in the process of moving the brand away from red-grey and more towards turquoise.

The brand name is basically to provide "the one" toolbox for affiliates. With this one should be able to cover all use cases.

The logo represents the increasing sales by using this toolbox.


We prefer you to use our logo with the wordmark, but if you need our wordmark alone, we have provided that as well.


We use the following colors on our website and in connection with affiliate-toolkit:


affiliate-toolkit uses Quicksand font in brand communication. It is available through Google Fonts.

Images for use

These images can be used freely (as long as it is used for promoting affiliate-toolkit).

Pictures and banners will follow...


You can sign up here as an affiliate and receive a commission for promoting our products.

Black Friday 2023

For the promotion of Black Friday the following banners are available and can be used freely:

Blackfriday will take place this year from November 23 to November 29 at our company. We offer a 40% discount on all packages, upgrades and extensions. The discount code is: "blackweekend23".

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