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Artikel der Wissensdatenbank

affiliate-toolkit WordPress Shortcodes 

Shortcodes can be used to output product boxes and all necessary functions in the frontend.

Call to a member function get_css_container_class() on null  (F/A)

If you did some custom templates and you are using the more offers template you will get a error message. You

Dev: Override post type of the plugin 

affiliate-toolkit registers some post types. Sometimes you want to override parameters that are set by

How to get debug information for support 

If we ask for a LogFile or any other installation info, you’ll probably need to look at the debug page of our plugin.

How to import and display your first list 

You learn how you can import your list and display it on your website.

How to import and display your first product 

You learn how you can import your product and display it on your website.

How to migrate a classic template to a blade template 

In this article we will try to clearify migration of classic template to blade template.

How to migrate from v2.8.9 to v3.0.0? 

In this tutorial we migrate the old version 2 to version 3.

How to setup the cronjob for updates 

The cronjob is important because it updates your shops, products and lists.

How to upgrade my license 

If you need more sites or features you can upgrade your license. Here you can find the necessary steps.

Installation of affiliate-toolkit 

In this knowledgebase article you learn how you can install the WordPress plugin.

issue w/currency  (F/A)

for removing the VAT text in a template you must delete this line of text: So copy the systemtemplate you

Meine Datenbank ist groß  (F/A)

Leider müssen die Produkte von AWIN und vom CSV-Feed in eine temporäre Tabelle importiert werden. Je nach

Minimum Requirements for affiliate-toolkit 

Before you set up affiliate-toolkit it’s good to check if your server is compatible with the Plugin or not....

My products are not updated 

Sometimes products or lists may not be updated. In this case, you should check several options. In this
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