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You are a developer and want to customize our plugin in an update-safe way? 14 Articles

Since we keep the plugin minimal, advanced functions are delivered via extensions 14 Articles

First steps
Here you will learn the most important basics of working with our plugin. 10 Articles

Layout and Design
Here you can learn everything about the visual customization of our plugin. 11 Articles

Product management
Learn all about the smart product management and how to use it. 9 Articles

Question and answer
Here you can find frequently asked questions from other users and suitable solutions. 10 Articles

Questions about the purchase
You have questions about the purchase? Here you will find the most important information. 2 Articles

Fresh product data through automated processes and various shop interfaces. 10 Articles

No programming knowledge needed. Learn all about our shortcodes. 1 Article

Here you can find step by step instructions for our plugin. 1 Article

Here you can find videos about our plugin 2 Articles

Knowledge Base Articles

Installation of affiliate-toolkit 

In this knowledgebase article you learn how you can install the WordPress plugin.

issue w/currency  (Q/A)

for removing the VAT text in a template you must delete this line of text: So copy the systemtemplate you

License invalid  (Q/A)

Please delete license once out and save. After that insert license and save again.

Manipulate generated HTML 

You can use a hook to edit the output. This way you can e.g. output a fallback text for an empty template.

Minimum Requirements for affiliate-toolkit 

Before you set up affiliate-toolkit it’s good to check if your server is compatible with the Plugin or not....

My database is large  (Q/A)

Unfortunately, the products from AWIN and from the CSV feed must be imported into a temporary table.

My products are not updated 

Sometimes products or lists may not be updated. In this case, you should check several options. In this

Override Custom Post Types 

affiliate-toolkit registers some custom post types. Sometimes you may want to override certain parameters that are set by default.

Override custom taxonomies 

affiliate-toolkit registers some custom post types and also taxonomies. Sometimes you may want to override

Override template 

To overwrite the templates, you can use a hook. This allows you, for example, to redirect the previous default template to your own template.

Placeholders for Blade templates 

In this article you can find the system placeholders for affiliate-toolkit template engine.

Placeholders for comparetable (old templates) 

Here you can find the old placeholders for the templates which we are used before blade engine.

Product page setup 

By activating product pages you can have a new page created per product.

Search product table  (Q/A)

Hello, you can find them here: https: // VG Christof

Set up Amazon interface 

In this article we will set up the Amazon store for affiliate-toolkit. You can use the Amazon API with our
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