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Override custom taxonomies

affiliate-toolkit registers some custom post types and also taxonomies. Sometimes you may want to override certain parameters that are set by default.

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Override registered custom post types

This function is called when registering the taxonomies and is used to override the post types.

function atkp_taxonomy_posttypes_callback($taxs, $taxonomyname) {
    //Fügt die Taxonomie "Produktkategorie" auch dem "Beitrags"-Typ hinzu
    if($taxonomyname == 'produktkategorie')
    	array_push($taxs, 'post');
    return $taxs;

add_action('atkp_taxonomy_posttypes', 'atkp_taxonomy_posttypes_callback', 10, 2);
taxesContains the array in which the custom post types for the registry are contained (by default: atkp_product and atkp_fieldgroup depending on the taxonomy).
taxonomynameContains the name of the taxonomy which is registered (e.g. "brand").
Return valueThe modified array with the custom post types.

Override taxonomies for registration

This function is called directly before registration.

function atkp_register_taxonomy_callback($taxargs, $taxonomyname) {
    //Aktiviert für die Taxonomie "marke" die Bearbeitung über das Backend (Standardmäßig ausgeblendet)
    if($taxonomyname == 'marke')
    	$taxargs['show_ui'] = true;
    return $taxargs;

add_action('atkp_register_taxonomy', 'atkp_register_taxonomy_callback', 10, 2);
taxargsContains the array which will be passed to the register_taxonomy function.
taxonomynameContains the name of the taxonomy which is registered (e.g. "brand").
Return valueThe modified array.
Updated: 2. March 2023
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