How would you like to start your affilliate business?

We have options to get you up and running quickly

I need a WordPress site

Get a WordPress hoster, create your awesome website content and install our plugin. Start promoting affiliate products.
Get a WordPress Site

I have a WordPress site

We can help you add affiliate-toolkit to your existing WordPress Site.

All advantages at a glance

Shortcodes and product boxes

  • Include any product boxes
  • Include price comparisons
  • Insert product data as fields in the text
  • Insert product links via shortcode
  • Automatic search lists from the networks
  • Insert all functions as shortcode

Advanced features

  • Own templates with HTML & CSS
  • Various PHP hooks for developers
  • Besides Amazon other stores
  • Search fields & live search
  • Geotargeting via IP address (coming soon)
  • Product pages can be activated

Our support

  • Regular product updates
  • Knowledge Base
  • Austrian Developer & Support
  • Contact via helpdesk & phone
  • 14 days money back guarantee
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