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Question / Issue

When I examine the php code of the "secondwide" duplicate that I made, I can use the inspect utility to find the classes, but it appears that they are pulling in the info from somewhere already formatted - because I see no references to USD or VAT, for example. For that reason, I don't know where to go to edit how those items render inside WordPress.
Are you sure I can reformat the text strings from within the custom template editor window? If yes, or even no, I'd appreciate a screenshot or two showing me where I go to make these edits. Then I can set about making custom templates for all of my similar use cases.

Answer / Solution

for removing the VAT text in a template you must delete this line of text:

So copy the systemtemplate you want to use and change the line I marked green in the previous mail:

 <span class="atkp-priceinfo">{{$formatter->get_priceinfotext($product)}}</span>

You can delete it or you can also change it to:

 <span class="atkp-priceinfo">This link is an affiliate link </span>

For changing the currency symbol in dollar you need to change this in your amazon shop (wp backend):

and you can also change it to custom symbol. Set prefix and suffix: 

Updated: 6. February 2023
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