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My database is getting very large due to AWIN or CSV feeds. What can I do?

Answer / Solution

Unfortunately, the products from AWIN and from the CSV feed must be imported into a temporary table. Depending on the size of the product feed, the tables will also be correspondingly large.

This can only be prevented by filtering the product at the source. E.g. By categories or other keywords using "Create a feed".

Is it normal to work with such large files?

This depends on the particular store. If these large stores export all products to a feed, this may well become "normal".

Are 2GB databases too small?

For normal web pages these database sizes are quite sufficient. However, if you import a lot of feeds, it is quite necessary to have a larger database.

You can check the following

Log in to your database via PhpMyAdmin.

Check if there are old tables called {PREFIX}_atkp_csv_{POSTID} or {PREFIX}_atkp_awin_{POSTID}. If this store no longer exists, the table can be deleted.

If you have upgraded from version 2, you can also check if these tables exist and then delete them:

  • {PREFIX}_atkp_additionaloffers
  • {PREFIX}_atkp_productoffers
  • {PREFIX}_atkp_productdata

If the database is still too large, you can only reduce the partner programs.

Updated: 6. February 2023
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