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Import AWIN Feeds from different shops and use the products in your website.
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Import products from all partner programs

AWIN offers easy access to over 13,000 international affiliate programs. As a publisher, this opens up an excellent opportunity to gain access to countless product feeds.
To make the handling clearer and thus reduce it to the essentials, we have developed the AWIN Feed API extension for the Affiliate Toolkit. This gives you access to all product feeds of your AWIN network and allows you to integrate products on your website with just a few clicks.

And the best part is, by linking directly to the product feed, you don't even have to worry about relevant data such as how up-to-date the price is, etc. Quite automatically, the required product details will be updated.

Of course, we have also thought about the visual design. Our templates are programmed so that the imported products adapt to your website CI. So with AWIN Feed API extension you have a powerful tool at hand, which will effectively save your time.

How does it work? Quite simply.

The requirement to use the AWIN Feed API extension of the Affiliate Toolkit is a publisher account at AWIN. If you don't have one yet, you can register for free on AWIN's platform.

Once you have successfully set up an account on AWIN and joined the first affiliate programs, you are ready to start. However, make sure here that the respective provider provides a product feed.

Install the AWIN Feed API extension on your WordPress system and then navigate to the Shops tab in Affiliate Toolkit. Create a new store and select AWIN Feed as the data provider.

You can get the feed list URL by clicking on the Toolbox menu item on your AWIN dashboard and then clicking on Create-a-Feed.

Copy this link and paste it into the field provided. If the product feed is active, you will find all partner programs you have joined on AWIN in the lower area - as far as they have a product feed. Activate them by ticking the corresponding checkboxes. The setup is now complete.

AWIN does not have a "real" API. They provide a CSV Feed. We are importing this csv feed to a internal database table. You should check if your hoster has a limitation of the database size.

Import products made easy

Once you have completed the setup, you can now dare to import individual products from the affiliate programs. However, if you want to add several items to your website at once, this can be done by importing entire lists.

Using Affiliate Toolkit you have the possibility to add the products either in the backend or frontend - just as you like. To do this, click either in your page builder in the options of the text field on the item AT Shortcode or in the WordPress dashboard first on affiliate-toolkit and then on import product.
Under the Shop item, select the respective AWIN affiliate program and enter a keyword of your choice - alternatively, you can also use a unique identifier (ASIN, EAN, article number, GTIN or ISBN). Then click on Search.

If the desired product is in the product feed of the partner program, it will be displayed. Now import the desired product and either click Import as draft or Import and publish if you don't want to change anything else.

Embed products from AWIN on your WordPress website

Falls Sie den Weg über das Backend eingeschlagen haben, begeben Sie sich nun in den Page Builder und klicken Sie in einem Textfeld Ihrer Wahl auf AT Shortcode.

If you have previously imported the product of your choice via the backend, use the menu item Search already imported products and use them in your post. Now search for your imported product. Once you have found it, click on Use product. Now you have the option to choose between different templates and set some other parameters. Finally, click Insert Shortcode and update the progress. Done.

Features of the AWIN API extension at a glance:

  • automatic updating of imported product data
  • easy handling and intuitive user interface (no programming knowledge required)
  • different, visually appealing templates for the presentation of products on the website
  • advanced list search

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Version 1.1.1, 19. November 2022
  • bugfix: shop image & ean split
Version 1.1.0, 01. August 2022
  • bugfix: image was not visible
Version 1.0.9, 24. July 2022
  • bugfix: small image showes placeholder
Version 1.0.8, 22. June 2022
  • Updated naming of setting tabs
Version 1.0.7, 11. June 2022
  • Improvement for loading extensions
Version 1.0.6, 08. April 2022
  • Added Table index (for performance)

  • Performance Update for Product updates

Version 1.0.5, 08. February 2022
  • Bugfix: Wrong list price import
  • Bugfix: Large Image was not correct selected
  • Added ISBN & GTIN comparision search
Version 1.0.4, 01. January 2022
  • Improved the "table missing" error message

Version 1.0.3, 26. December 2021
  • Bugfixes
Version 1.0.2, 12. December 2021
  • Bugfix: Duplicate columns & Column size
  • Optimization of the cron update
Version 1.0.1, 07. December 2021
  • Added a resume function (if the last import breaks because of a timeout)
  • Changed the "mediumimageurl" to "aw_image_url"
Version 1.0.0, 30. November 2021
  • New: Initial Release
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If your question is still not answered, or you have a technical problem with the plugin, we are happy to help you!
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29. November 2021
Last updated:
26. January 2023
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