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Amazon No-API mode

If you are allowed to use the official Amazon interface and have had enough commission in the last 30 days, you can use the API interface in our free basic plugin. However, if you are new to the partner program or do not have enough sales, you will not have access to the API.

We have therefore spent the last few weeks working intensively on an alternative. This extension is the solution. No Amazon API access is required and you can embed any products you like.

If you have only installed the basic plugin, you will receive the following message in the Amazon store (from version 3.4.8).

The previous No-API mode can no longer be used due to the Site-Stripe shutdown.

You should be aware of the potential risks and inform yourself about Amazon's terms of use to ensure compliance.

Extension installation

This is a paid extension and can be downloaded under Addons. You can either buy a plan or the extension as an individual item.

As soon as the extension has been installed, there is now a new extension under license at affiliate-toolkit. The extension must be activated, otherwise the No-API mode will not work.

You will also receive a message in the Amazon store that the license must be activated.

Setting up the extension

As soon as the license has been activated, you will now also see the corresponding fields for selection in the Amazon store.

No API mode

Here you can choose between "Always use" and "Only use in the event of an error".
If you have selected in the event of an error, a request is first sent to the official Amazon interface and only if an error is returned here is the No-API mode used.

Load star ratings from the Amazon website

The No-API extension also brings back the star ratings. Please note that Amazon intentionally removed this from the API and you display this rating at your own risk.

Import products

If the mode has been activated, you can now search for and import products via the backend.

Unsupported variant: Please note that the Amazon NoAPI mode is an "unsupported" variant. While we strive to provide a continuous service, its future depends on Amazon's policy. In the event that Amazon discontinues the query method we use, we may be forced to discontinue this service as well.

FAQ about this extension

Does this extension violate Amazon's guidelines?

Yes, because we are not using the official API here, but an alternative.

I get a TooMany-Requests error with my products. Can I deal with that?

Yes, you can bypass this error message.

Does a search from the backend work?

Yes, this extension also allows the familiar search for keywords from the backend.

Are star ratings also loaded?

Yes, this extension also loads the number of ratings and the corresponding ratings.

Is there a limit?

Yes, we have a maximum limit of 50 requests per day and license. That should be enough as a start for Amazon products. If more requests are required, please send us a request.

Updated: 16. April 2024
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