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You are a developer and want to customize our plugin in an update-safe way? 14 Articles

Since we keep the plugin minimal, advanced functions are delivered via extensions 14 Articles

First steps
Here you will learn the most important basics of working with our plugin. 10 Articles

Layout and Design
Here you can learn everything about the visual customization of our plugin. 11 Articles

Product management
Learn all about the smart product management and how to use it. 9 Articles

Question and answer
Here you can find frequently asked questions from other users and suitable solutions. 10 Articles

Questions about the purchase
You have questions about the purchase? Here you will find the most important information. 2 Articles

Fresh product data through automated processes and various shop interfaces. 10 Articles

No programming knowledge needed. Learn all about our shortcodes. 1 Article

Here you can find step by step instructions for our plugin. 1 Article

Here you can find videos about our plugin 2 Articles

Knowledge Base Articles for Layout and Design

Create a widget 

We already include a widget with the free version. With this you can also show products in the sidebar or

Create comparison table for affiliate products 

Our WordPress plugin offers you a responsive comparison table. With this extension you can easily create a comparison for your affiliate products.

Customize buttons for manual products  (Q/A)

You can do this normally with the stores. I always create a dummy store where I assign the manual product. (FB Group / Johannes B.)

Do not show credits  (Q/A)

Yes, of course you can. There you can uncheck "Show plugin credits" under display settings.

Filter lists by discount  (Q/A)

So that you can filter products by price discount in a list, you can use this filter. We filter for at least

How to migrate a classic template to a blade template 

In this article we will try to clearify migration of classic template to blade template.

Placeholders for Blade templates 

In this article you can find the system placeholders for affiliate-toolkit template engine.

Placeholders for comparetable (old templates) 

Here you can find the old placeholders for the templates which we are used before blade engine.

Search product table  (Q/A)

Hello, you can find them here: https: // VG Christof

Set up price history for affiliate products 

With the affiliate-toolkit you can create a price history. The plugin tracks every price change for every product and every store.

What are templates and how do I create them? 

With templates you can display products in any way you want on your website. They offer you absolute
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