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Create a widget

We already include a widget with the free version. With this you can also show products in the sidebar or header (depending on the theme). In this article you will learn what the settings are all about.

1) Title

Here you can enter a title for the widget. If the product or list does not exist, the title is automatically hidden.

2) Use main product

If "Use main product" is checked and a post with a main product has just been opened, the main product will be used in the widget.

The main product can be the following:

  • The product of a product page
  • The product of a contribution (if main product was selected)
  • The list of a post (if main list was selected)
  • The product of a WooCommerce product

If no product or list is selected and there is no main product, the widget will not be displayed.

3) Product

Select a product here. If a main product is selected, this is the fallback product.

4) List

The same applies to the list as to the product. You can only choose between a product and a list. If you select both fields, the product will be preferred.

5) Template

Select a template here that you want to display in the widget.

6) Container CSS class

Here you can specify multiple CSS classes for your template. This way you can overwrite the container with CSS.

7) Element CSS class

Here you can pass multiple CSS classes to your template. This allows you to override the element with CSS.

8) Border

If you have selected a list, you can set a limit for it here.

9) Content

This field allows you to pass values to the template. The content is available with the placeholder %content% in the template.

10) Sort list randomly

This option allows you to sort a list randomly.

Updated: 2. March 2023
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