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The advanced settings simply explained

In this article you will learn what the advanced settings in the plugin mean. You can find the options under affiliate-toolkit -> Settings in the second tab.

1) Disable "sponsored" link

2) Main product selected by

3) Open links in new tab

4) Open links with JS

5) Click tracking

6) Contribution image

7) Image redirection

8) Duplicate check

9) Default import status

10) Treat product group as product category

11) Delete old product categories

12) Split product category

13) Update product title and permalink

14) Show additional shortcode button

15) Disable internal JS library

16) Disable all styles from plugin

17) Disable Select2 fields

18) Deactivate Select2 in Fronted

19) Do not show discount promotions in backend

20) Show shortcode generator at PostTypes

Updated: 2. March 2023
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