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What is the different between a list and a product?

If you don't know the different between list and product you will get more information in that article.


A product is a single product and can hold offers (=products) from different shops.

You define a key by which the product will be searched. Example: "B079L56FNM" would gave oyu a adidas shoe from amazon.


  1.  Product a
    1. offer from shop a
    2. offer from shop b
    3. ofer from shop c
  2. Product b
    1. offer from shop b 
    2. offer from shop c

When should I use products?

If you write a test review of a product and want to place a product box in your post. Or if you want to create a fake shop in woocommerce then you should also use products.


A list holds different products from one shop (or a manual product selection).

You can define search parameters for searching a list of products. Example: "adidas shoes" would gave you list of adidas shoes in your list.


  1. Shop a
    1. Product a
    2. Product b
    3. Product c
  2. Shop b
    1. product d
    2. product e
    3. product f

When should I use lists?

If you want to show a bestseller list at the end of your post or if you want to show automatic alternate products to a search term.

Updated: 6. February 2023
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