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earn 2 to 6 commission on completed hotel stays at choice hotels worldwide the reporting for reservations is updated daily and for completed stays it is updated weekly why partner with choice hotels • with over 7000 choice hotels® in more than 40 countries and territories our hotels range from limited service to fullservice in the upscale midscale extendedstay and economy markets choicebranded properties provide business and leisure travelers with a range of highquality highvalue lodging options throughout the united states and internationally we are comprised of eleven brands cambria® quality® clarion® comfort® clarion pointe® sleep inn® mainstay suites® suburban extended stay hotels® econo lodge® rodeway inn® and ascend hotel collection® • 2 commission on completed hotel stay terms and conditions apply • 7day action referral window with unlimited occurrences you will receive commission for customers who make a commissionable reservation on choicehotelscom within 7 days of the initial cookie drop • great seasonal promotions program restrictions • publishers may not bid on the following keyword brand terms choice hotels choice hotels international comfort inn comfort suites comfort hotels quality inn sleep inn clarion clarion pointe ascend hotel collection mainstay suites suburban extended stay hotels econo lodge rodeway inn cambria cambria suites choice privileges please see your program terms for more details on keyword bidding information • publishers may not show up in organic search results for choice hotels trademark and branded terms and may not include choice hotels or its branded terms in meta tags choice hotels will not pay commissions on any transactions that were generated as a result of keyword buys on our trademark terms or competitive brand terms eg used alone or in conjunction with any other word • affiliates may not use the following verbiage in text ads official site official website etc • commissioncash back points currency etc is not available on rooms booked at rates below 40 usd per night certain hotelinitiated promotions reward night stays complimentary rooms rooms paid for as part of a convention or meeting rooms booked through a travel agent or thirdparty online retailer including online travel agencies wholesale packages group tours and stays booked using the employee discount or the friends family and associate discount stays at vacation rental property locations and in hotel properties located in denmark estonia finland iceland latvia lithuania norway and sweden are not eligible and this offer is not valid to residents of countries where the choice privileges program is not available

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How to display products in WordPress for  CJ?

In this short guide you will learn how to embed the affiliate program Choice Hotels on your WordPress website.

1) Installing the CSV extension

Download the extension from our website. To do this, click on "Download now":

You can then upload and install the ZIP file normally via the WordPress plugin installation. After activation, the CSV interface is also selectable under Shop API.

2) Setting up the store for CSV feeds

Now create a new store in affiliate-toolkit under Shops.

3) Import the feeds

After you save the store, the recognized fields will be listed. These fields must now be assigned. On the left you can see the field name of affiliate-toolkit. On the right you need to select the field name in the CSV.

4) Import products via the backend

The most comfortable way is the import via the WordPress backend. affiliate-toolkit offers its own search mask here.

Select "Product import" in the menu and then select the subordinate AWIN store. You can search by keyword, ASiN, EAN. Enter the keyword and click "Search".

Now click through the search results. Once you have found the product, you can import the products on the right side.

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