Flybird Fitness

flybird fitness specializes in designing and producing innovative strength training products for the home and garage we offer a wide variety of products including weight benches adjustable dumbbells and doorway pullup bars we dont just build strength training products we build lifelong relationships that last our goal is to make strength training easy affordable and effective so people of all ages and fitness levels can improve the quality of their lives program features 6 conversion rate average order value of 200 and going up 6 commission rate 30day cookie duration performance incentives for top performers crossdevice enabled mobile certification exclusive affiliate promotions dedicated affiliate team regularly updated linkscreativeproduct catalog customer perks such as free shipping and returns search policy affiliates may not bid on flybird trademark terms on any search engines including international affiliates may not use wwwflybirdfitnesscom in the display url at any ppc search engine or various content network sections alternative spellings of our domain name are also not permitted affiliates may not include official site or make representations that your advertisement is from flybirdfitnesscom affiliates may not bid on flybird term flybird weight bench “term” flybird adjustable dumbbell “term” flybirdfitnesscom “term” on any search engine example flybird reviews flybird discounts etc we look forward to working with you please reach out to partnershipflybirdfitnesscom with any questions sign up today

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How to display products in WordPress for  CJ?

In this short guide you will learn how to embed the affiliate program Flybird Fitness on your WordPress website.

1) Installing the CSV extension

Download the extension from our website. To do this, click on "Download now":

You can then upload and install the ZIP file normally via the WordPress plugin installation. After activation, the CSV interface is also selectable under Shop API.

2) Setting up the store for CSV feeds

Now create a new store in affiliate-toolkit under Shops.

3) Import the feeds

After you save the store, the recognized fields will be listed. These fields must now be assigned. On the left you can see the field name of affiliate-toolkit. On the right you need to select the field name in the CSV.

4) Import products via the backend

The most comfortable way is the import via the WordPress backend. affiliate-toolkit offers its own search mask here.

Select "Product import" in the menu and then select the subordinate AWIN store. You can search by keyword, ASiN, EAN. Enter the keyword and click "Search".

Now click through the search results. Once you have found the product, you can import the products on the right side.

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