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The 10 best affiliate plugins for WordPress in 2023

Creation: 14. March 2023
Updated: 15. March 2023

Affiliate plugins allow you to easily integrate affiliate programs and even entire stores into your WordPress website. Thus, this is a win-win situation for visitors and site owners alike. Your customers will receive recommendations on relevant and interesting products and you will generate additional income. The integration and incorporation of affiliate plugins is straightforward and usually does not require any special technical skills or programming knowledge.

As extensive and versatile as the WordPress community has become in the meantime, so has the branch of affiliate plugins grown. For this reason, it is not easy to identify the most suitable affiliate plugin for your project at first sight. That's why we've researched what we think are the best 10 plugins for you, so you can make an easier decision and increase your sales today.

Important: This list is intended to give you an overview of the most popular plugins. This list is not ordered.

Affiliate Booster - Best Gutenberg Plugin for Affiliates

While Gutenberg is received with rather mixed feelings by the WordPress audience, there are still a large number of users who use this lightweight page builder on their website. For this reason, it is not surprising that affiliate plugins exist that are designed exactly for use with Gutenberg.

Affiliate Booster - Best Gutenberg Plugin for Affiliates will be of great help if you want to implement affiliate links and banners directly on your web pages.

With a wide range of features, including numerous pre-built affiliate blocks such as comparisons, reviews or pro/con examples, options are also available for the automatic creation of affiliate links.

This allows you to quickly and easily create content and provide value to site visitors. In addition, the plugin has conversion optimization features and the ability to insert best-selling products, discounts and coupons directly via Gutenberg.

Affiliate Booster is available in both a cut-down version (10 Gutenberg blocks) and a paid version. The latter offers the full range of functions or 28 different Gutenberg blocks.

Prices range from $39 per year (1 website) to $69 (50 websites), while the functionality or features are the same for all three subscriptions.


Lasso is also one of the affiliate marketing plugins for WordPress and makes it easier for you to manage your affiliate links, so you can focus more on what's important. The plugin allows you to manage all links in a central library and allows seamless integration with already existing WordPress sites.

In addition, Lasso brings a number of tools and features to increase affiliate link conversion rates. For example, the plugin offers the possibility to display affiliate links in prominent buttons and boxes, as well as the ability to automatically manage and offer coupons and discounts.

Success can also be measured relatively accurately, as the tool can generate detailed reports and analyses that show and compare performance and revenue.

The affiliate tool appears in three price categories, the former of which, with a cost of $39 per month, allows you to use it on a single website and includes all the basics. The most expensive package costs $299 per month and offers installation on up to 10 websites as well as various custom features and early access to new functions. There is no free or trial version.


The WordPress plugin WZone is a powerful tool for affiliates, designed primarily to quickly and easily integrate products from Amazon into your WordPress sites.

The plugin also allows you to automatically update prices and availability of all imported products, so you can always provide your visitors with the most up-to-date product information. With advanced features such as automatic geotargeting, so visitors only get products listed that are relevant to their region, or integrated product reviews, WZone takes your project to a whole new level.

Furthermore, the plugin is able to generate detailed reports and analytics on numerous data sources, so you can easily track how individual products rank and which links generate the most revenue and conversions. The manufacturer promises a straightforward setup and integration into your existing site and also offers a number of how-to videos on Youtube.

The manufacturer offers the plugin in three variants, of which even a free version is available - but with reduced functionality and lack of support. The standard license is $49 per installation, so there is no monthly cost to you here. The extended license is $405 and allows this to be transferred to another licensee, such as a customer.


Also designed specifically for Amazon affiliates, AAWP (Amazon Affiliates for WordPress) takes care of numerous workflows for you and can increase click-through rates and subsequently your revenue. Amazon products can be automatically included in posts, pages and widgets and automatically kept up to date, so your visitors always get the latest product info.

The plugin also brings numerous other features such as product boxes, bestseller lists, comparison tables and product carousels, so you can present and compare your products in a variety of ways. Additionally, the AAWP plugin provides detailed reports and analytics that let you track performance and revenue. The reports contain information such as clicks, conversions and revenue per affiliate link.

AAWP's subscription models start at 49 euros per year for the Personal Edition, which allows use on a single website. The top subscription costs 399 Euro and gives you the possibility to use AAWP on up to 25 domains. However, the range of functions is otherwise one and the same for all models.


The affiliate-toolkit WordPress Plugin is the by far the most comprehensive tool in our list and supports not only products from Amazon, Ebay, Otto and Co., but also a whole range of other providers, which can be added quite flexibly through a respective extension. Thereby you are able to use the plugin according to your needs for your application to vote. Products can be easily imported via the backend and searched directly via EAN, keyword or ASIN.

With numerous integrated templates and the ability to customize the look entirely according to your own CI, the plugin brings everything you need to showcase products cleanly and pixel-perfectly. This way you effortlessly arouse the visitor's interest and thus increase click-through rate, conversions and ultimately your income. All functions can be inserted as shortcode in all places on your website and for developers there are even PHP hooks available for further customization.

The affiliate-toolkit is available free of charge in the basic version. Depending on the desired range of functions, several passes are available, with the cheapest costing €59 and the most expensive €499 per year. The latter is mainly aimed at agencies, as this model can be used on an unlimited number of websites. Moreover, the developer offers a lifetime license, so the plugin only needs to be paid once and no annual subscription fee is required.

ASA1 (Amazon Simple Affiliate, Free Version)

The Amazon Simple Affiliate plugin is primarily aimed at integrating Amazon products on your WordPress website. Other data sources will only be supported with ASA2.

With all the preset templates, products can be inserted directly as shortcodes anywhere, such as on posts, pages, or in widgets. In addition, you can create your own templates and thus present your products, for example, entirely according to your own corporate identity.

With the free version, collections can also be displayed and integrated, and further customizations can be implemented using PHP functions and custom fields.

ASA2 (Amazon Simple Affiliate, Pro Version)

The affiliate plugin ASA2 also allows you to easily integrate Amazon products on your web presence. This is the Pro version of Amazon Simple Affiliate, which offers a considerably larger range of functions and, strictly speaking, is no longer limited to Amazon. Via various APIs, several stores can be integrated at once and products can be imported automatically.

In addition, it is possible to include product ratings and reviews directly on your site, so that listed products are more likely to attract buying interest. The local integration of product images also ensures that all processes are fully compliant with data protection regulations, thus generating additional trust for you.

ASA2, as the Pro version of ASA1, is available in three pay models. The single license for a single domain amounts to 59 dollars per year, while the business subscription costs 249 dollars - but allows use on up to 25 domains.

Affiliate theme

Affiliatetheme for WordPress is an affiliate marketing theme designed specifically for Amazon affiliate program integration. The theme is a complete solution for affiliates who want to create and run an Amazon affiliate website to generate revenue through affiliate marketing.

The user-friendly interface combines a variety of functions that make it easy for you to display all products directly on your website. Products can also be filtered by category, brand, or price, so your website visitors can find the product they want in no time and, more importantly, click on it to purchase it. In addition, each article can be SEO optimized so that potential buyers also land on your website via search engines.

The theme itself is available for free via Github, but requires another WordPress plugin to function properly - namely Advanced Custom Fields Pro. In addition, the plugin cannot be installed directly via WordPress, but must be uploaded manually and therefore also requires a somewhat larger installation effort.

Note: Currently only the interface for Amazon is available. Further interfaces are to be released via paid add-ons in the course of 2023.


WordPress plugin ThirstyAffiliates is another affiliate marketing tool that allows you to easily manage and monetize links to your affiliate products in WordPress posts and pages. The plugin offers a variety of features to organize, embed and most importantly hide affiliate marketing links. The latter is intended to increase the click-through rate and give you the opportunity to track and evaluate clicked affiliate links.

The Pro version of ThirstyAffiliates also supports automatic keyword linking in the text as well as geotargeting to redirect website visitors to the geographically correct pages. In addition, an automatic link check ensures that all affiliate links are always accessible and informs you of any discrepancies if necessary.

ThirstyAffiliates is available through three subscription models, with the feature set being the same in each price range, only the number of websites is a single in the Basic variant, and 10 in the Advanced subscription. The former is $79.50 per year in terms of cost, while the latter is $199.50.

Pretty Links

Pretty Links WordPress plugin allows you to turn your affiliate links into short, responsive URLs that are easier to add to all pages, posts or widgets. This also allows you to create custom URLs that use your own link structure, for example, making them indistinguishable from internal links. A constant control of all links also ensures that websites that are no longer accessible are immediately recognized and reported.

With numerous integrated monitoring tools, Pretty Links also makes it easy for you to evaluate individual affiliate links. Get detailed reports on clicks, traffic, and earnings so you can continue to grow popular product categories and further increase your success.

The subscription models of the WordPress plugin Pretty Links start at $99.50 per year for the Beginner variant and the Basic feature set as well as support for a single website. The other end of the stick is in the super affiliate subscription at $199.50 annually and brings with it all the features plus the ability to use the plugin on up to 5 websites at once.

The agony of choice

Admittedly, the number of available plugins that deal with affiliate marketing in WordPress is nowunmanageably high. And of course, there are also a few black sheep among them that don't necessarily offer you any added value and perhaps don't even fulfill the tasks you expect from a plugin. Above all, it is important to determine your own needs and to take a closer look at the desired plugin before making a purchase.

If you have just started your project and don't want to spend any money yet, the free Starter Pass of affiliate-toolkit is a solid base for your growing business - and upgradeable at any time.

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