6. September 2022

How to embed Amazon products into your WordPress site

In this post, you'll learn how to embed Amazon into your WordPress posts.

With the Amazon affiliate program you can include products from the most famous online retailer on your website. By its own account, Amazon offers the world's largest selection of books, CDs and videos. In addition, a wide range of other product categories is offered.

The integration can either be done manually or automatically via an interface offered by PartnerNet. In this post we want to show you how to use this for your website.

The Amazon Affiliate Program

However, we would like to briefly explain to you what the Amazon Affiliate Program is and what you should not use it for.

This program is an in-house affiliate program, all sales are tracked internally. You have an interface at your disposal in which you can evaluate and control all tracked sales.

By the way, Amazon filters out your own purchases or purchases from friends and does not count them. This filtering is done using the same addresses, the same Internet accesses (the same WLAN is enough once). All of this is used internally as a license plate.

Registration for the affiliate program is free of charge and can be done at any time. However, you need a website to register. This website is reviewed by Amazon.

Recently, the use of the Amazon API is no longer usable without previously earned commission. So you will be forced to manually add links to your posts. Only after achieving a sale, the API is available for a limited time. If you do not make any sales later on, the API will be revoked again.

Low commissions Commissions are decreasing year by year. In some cases, some orders outside the linked product category are no longer credited at all. Amazon is trying to prevent the "watering can-like" advertising of articles.
However, the program is still recommended for beginners.

Insert product links by hand

As mentioned above, you need to make sales to use the API. Since you don't have any brokered sales at the beginning, you have to resort to this method.

You can generate product links relatively easily via the Amazon website. You just need to log in to the website with your affiliate account and then you can go to the Amazon page. Here you simply select your desired product.

At the top of the browser you will now find the SiteStripe with which you can create product links.

Watch out for pictures! You can also link images here. Please note that these are loaded directly from the Amazon CDN and this may cause problems with the GDPR.

When linking products on your website, don't randomly copy things from the Amazon product.

  • Note that you are not allowed to use all images from the Amazon website.
  • Texts have authorship. Do not simply copy them.
  • Customer reviews may not simply be copied.

Insert products via WordPress plugin

If you are allowed to use the product API, you can choose one of the (by now) countless plugins. All plugins use the Amazon API as a base but each plugin has its own merits, of course.

Official Amazon plugin

What exactly rode Amazon, why they developed a WordPress plugin, is still not entirely clear to us. They probably wanted to offer a free plugin. You can download the plugin "Link Builder Plugin" for free from WP-Directory.

You can insert product boxes, links and images into the post with the pluginProductBox. The handling is not very intuitive and the rating in WP-Directory is average. Nevertheless, it has your fans and these we do not want to talk bad ūüėČ

Our free tip By the way, we also offer a free plugin for WordPress. You can download it directly from the directory. You can embed links, images, bestseller lists, product boxes. https://wordpress.org/plugins/affiliate-toolkit-starter/

Alternative plugins

Of course, we won't be linking our direct competitors here, so we'll refer to Gordon here.
He had created a very good overview of plugins and themes a long time ago.

WP-Plugin affiliate-toolkit

Already since the first release of the plugin the interface is available in our tool and offers you many possibilities to benefit from the product variety of Amazon. The Amazon API is fully integrated into the plugin and allows you to comfortably operate it from the WordPress backend.

The interface provides you with numerous functions for importing products and performing searches. The advanced search functions are particularly powerful.

Product search and import

The interface allows searching and importing products conveniently from the backend of WordPress.

In addition to the simple product search with keywords and the sorting of lists as well as the creation of lists with category bestsellers, the interface's advanced search functions are particularly convincing.

Because we are the only plugin that supports advanced search (considering API definition).

Amazon bestsellers or new releases

This search function allows you to freely search for prices and any search terms.

At the same time, the lists can be flexibly sorted and prepared. The interface automatically updates the imported products and their prices as well as images, variations and URL.

Of course, all product information delivered via the API can be edited within the WordPress backend. For loading the images you can enable the HTTPS standard.

Price comparisons via EAN

An automatic price comparison with other stores is possible via EAN or manual links.

The plugin searches in the background in all stores (which were activated) for possible prices.

You don't have to do anything except activate the store for the price search.

Output product variations from Amazon

Recently, we also support the display of product variations in the product. You can display on your website as clothes in several sizes or colors and the visitor will immediately see the possible variants and can click on them directly.

System requirements Your WordPress installation must be version 4.7 or higher. Furthermore, your WordPress hosting must support PHP 7.4, PHP Soap and cURL. √ó Discard warning

Want to get started with our WordPress plugin right away? Purchase our plugin and you can start in the next seconds ūüėČ

Article written by Christof
Developer with passion. PHP, HTML, CSS have accompanied me since I was 14 years old. .NET applications and services have been part of my profile for a long time. Rounded off by good knowledge of marketing, image editing and video editing.

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