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Image proxy for product images

The provided product images are delivered directly from the store servers(Amazon, eBay, AWIN,..). However, with regard to the General Data Protection Regulation, this is problematic, as these providers thereby have access to the IP addresses of the site visitors.

The IP address is considered personal data and must therefore be protected.

How can I prevent the IP from being transmitted?

To prevent this, we have introduced a so-called privacy proxy, whereby the product images are accessed via a small PHP file. This only gives Amazon access to the IP of your web server. The IP of the page visitor is not transmitted.

Where can I find this setting?

You can choose between the following options:

  • Do not redirect images
    are not redirected. They are integrated via the provider's CDN.
  • Redirect images
    are redirected. All images are played through your server. The images are cached 24h, so your server does not have to reload the file every time.
  • Redirect images and include main image
    The images are also redirected, but the main image is loaded from the media library if it was imported.

Important: The allow_url_fopen option must be active for this function to be used.

Updated: 28. March 2023
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