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6. September 2023
Show base price in WooCommerce

In order to display the base price for affiliate products, the following hook must be stored as a snippet. After that, WooCommerce will display the price from the affiliate product directly and also the base price (if any).

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13. February 2023
Extend lists with product categories

To realize this, we need to access two hooks from affiliate-toolkit. This code assigns the product category to the list. You may need to replace "productcategory" with your own name. Now you can assign the categories to the list. Now we just need to copy the product categories from the list to the product. We […]

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21. January 2023
My database is large

Unfortunately, the products from AWIN and from the CSV feed must be imported into a temporary table. Depending on the size of the product feed, the tables will also be correspondingly large. This can only be prevented by filtering the product at the source. E.g. By categories or other keywords using "Create a feed". Is […]

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12. January 2023
Do not show credits

Yes, of course you can. There you can uncheck "Show plugin credits" under display settings.

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3. January 2023
Call to a member function get_css_container_class() on null

If you did some custom templates and you are using the more offers template you will get a error message. You can fix this if you replace the following lines. Search for these lines: replace it with that 3 lines:

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23. November 2022
Customize buttons for manual products

You can do this normally with the stores. I always create a dummy store where I assign the manual product. (FB Group / Johannes B.)

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18. November 2022
Filter lists by discount

So that you can filter products by price discount in a list, you can use this filter. We filter for at least 40% off in this example. Also, we only use this filter on the post with ID 6127. For all other contributions, this list is not filtered. Just add this snippet to your functions.php […]

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17. November 2022
I have only 3 templates and want to hide the system templates

You can't delete the templates, however you can easily hide the templates via hook. With this hook, only custom templates will be displayed, making it easier for the editor to find a template.

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9. October 2022
Search product table

Hello, you can find them here: https: // VG Christof

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5. October 2022
issue w/currency

for removing the VAT text in a template you must delete this line of text: So copy the systemtemplate you want to use and change the line I marked green in the previous mail:  <span class="atkp-priceinfo">{{$formatter->get_priceinfotext($product)}}</span> You can delete it or you can also change it to:  <span class="atkp-priceinfo">This link is an affiliate link </span> For […]

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