The Affiliate WordPress Plugin from Austria

For beginners & professional affiliates: 
Boost your commissions to new heights with 
eye-catching boxes and stellar price comparisons!

Launch now to maximize your earnings and utilize the best affiliate strategies, propelling your success into the stratosphere.

Latest product data

All product data, price comparisons and images are updated regularly You don't have to worry about anything.

Flexible presentation

With our template engine you can design products according to your ideas. Here you have no limits.

Price comparisons

Whether Amazon, eBay, AWIN or others, we load available offers in the background on your server.
Central Management of Product Data: Store all product information in one place in the WordPress backend.
Product Imports via Backend: Search and import products directly using EAN, keyword, or ASIN.
WooCommerce Integration: Import affiliate products into WooCommerce as external products, complete with descriptions, images, and price comparisons.
Automatic Feed Updates: Regular background updates for product data, including CSV feeds and AWIN.
Customizable Product Boxes: Embed product data as text links, boxes, or listings, with options for customization using HTML & CSS.
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Optimized displays for conversions.

Easily discoverable recommendations that align with your website's branding.
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  • Effectively promote stores via product boxes
  • Click rate is significantly increased
  • Start with our free basic plugin
  • Austrian developer and support
  • 14 days money back guarantee
  • Flexible due to individual extensions

Available shop interfaces

Latest Addon updates

The main functions of our toolbox

Central management of product data, lists and stores

All product information is stored in one place in the WordPress backend. This information can be overwritten as you wish. You can also see which products were found in other stores through the price comparison. If you want to exchange the product later, do it at this place and not at every place where you have embedded it in the blog.

Product imports via backend

You can search for EAN, keyword or ASIN directly from the WordPress backend. You will see the found products directly in the backend. Once you have found the product, click on "import" and the product is available for embedding in the blog.

Product boxes individually or as a listing

You can embed the product data directly as a text link, product box or listing in your WordPress website. These product boxes are already attractively designed "out of the box". However, you can customize these boxes as you like or even design your own box with HTML & CSS.

Bestsellers, new releases and search lists

With bestseller lists, you can add a conversation-boosting element to your website. These lists convert especially well because people like to follow others. You can output 3, 10 or 20 entries. Searching is done either via BrowseNode or via a search term.

Products in WooCommerce

With our WooCommerce support, you can import affiliate products into WooCommerce as external products. You can include product descriptions, product images and also the price comparison. This also allows you to use already prepared themes as WooCommerce affiliate store.

Automatic feed updates

Up-to-date product data is important for your publisher and at the same time has a strong influence on the conversation rate. Our plugin therefore updates the product data regularly in the background. These updates are done for CSV feeds, AWIN and of course also for product and list data.

All advantages at a glance

Shortcodes and product boxes

  • Include any product boxes
  • Include price comparisons
  • Insert product data as fields in the text
  • Insert product links via shortcode
  • Automatic search lists from the networks
  • Insert all functions as shortcode

Advanced features

Our support

  • Regular product updates
  • Austrian Developer & Support
  • Contact via helpdesk & phone
  • 14 days money back guarantee

All functions of affiliate-toolkit

Theme independent plugin

The plugin allows you to use any WordPress themes. It automatically adapts to your theme and supports the integration of your affiliate products in the desired design.

Automatic data updates

All product data, images and prices are updated regularly. You do not have to worry about anything.

WooCommerce with price comparison

With our plugin you can build WooCommerce as an affiliate store. You can import the products very easily and quickly. With it you will create an affiliate store within minutes.

Price comparisons

Price comparisons can be performed automatically or manually. Price comparison is possible across all affiliate networks and uses EAN as a reference. The plugin performs the product search automatically.

Product filter & live search

Your visitors will love it: Interactively filter by products or directly display search results.

Responsive layout

The plugin is responsive and thus adapts to the different display sizes of the end devices. Whether smartphone, tablet or PC, the products are presented appropriately and appealingly.

1 year updates included

With our plugin you will automatically receive 1 year of updates. After that you can extend your license for another year at favorable conditions.

Support for problems

Should any problems or questions arise during the operation or installation of the plugin, our email support is always available to help and advise you. Our experts will be happy to answer all your questions about affiliate-toolkit.

Own templates

By default, the plugin already has many different templates. In addition, we offer you the function to edit the individual templates yourself.

Custom fields and taxonomies

Each product can have its own custom fields added as needed. These fields can be, for example, text boxes, drop-down lists or yes/no fields. After the information is added during import, it can be accessed from anywhere.

Shortcode generator

The shortcode generator offers you the possibility to create shortcodes comfortably within the WordPress editor directly via the Affiliate Toolkit button. This makes the integration of products, lists or templates in the respective post particularly easy.

Gutenberg-Block (coming soon)

Gutenberg Editor makes creating posts easy and fast. We offer a separate block for this. with this you can quickly include products.


Lists and products can be displayed by our tool in the normal widget area of WordPress. In addition, the widget is also able to show product-dependent content. Just set the product in the post and the widget will automatically show the information (if the product is present).

Hover product links

If desired, you can additionally activate so-called hover product links. They show your visitors additional information about your products, such as an image, with text links.

Product import and manual revision

A central function of the Affiliate Toolkit is the product import. It allows you to import any products from the various affiliate networks and output them to the website in the desired form. The imported information can be revised if necessary.

List import and manual creation of lists

Lists can be imported in many different forms or created manually. Whether bestseller lists, new releases, extended lists or manual lists, you have a variety of lists at your disposal.

Click tracking

The advertised products are automatically supplemented with an Analytics tracking event. This gives you the opportunity to perform extensive analysis using the Google Analytics tool or Matomo and optimize your pages for visitors.

Automatic shortlinks

You can configure your desired URL shortener per store (, own domain). If it is enabled, the plugin will automatically shorten all your outbound links and thus optimize link tracking.

Product pages

If the product pages are switched on, the products are available in the frontend. You can change the respective product page as you wish. This makes it easy to set up an affiliate store, for example.

Responsive comparison tables

The comparison tables are the heart of your affiliate pages. With the help of our plugin you can flexibly adjust the comparison tables. The table automatically adjusts to the screen width of your visitor.

Email notifications

If a product is no longer available (price = 0) or an error occurs regarding a product, you will receive a report with the errors upon request.

Compatible with all caching plugins

Our plugin updates the data using WordPress cronjob, thus there are no problems with the caching plugins. The product data is also not loaded at runtime, but from its own repository.

Compatibility mode for ASA, AAWP

With the compatibility mode we enable you to switch to our plugin cheaply and conveniently and at the same time increase the range of functions enormously. With one click you replace your old plugin.

Front end product filter

The frontend product filter allows your visitors to filter the different properties of your products directly in the frontend. Then the products are displayed on a separate page according to the selected filter criteria such as price, brand and other fields.

Completely translatable

We deliver the plugin with *.po files. You can translate it with programs like Poedit into all desired languages. We deliver the languages German and English at the same time.

GDPR compliance

The images can be redirected via your server with one click using options. This prevents e.g. Amazon from accessing the IP of your visitor.

Product variations

You can display product variations from Amazon and output them directly to your website. Variations can be sizes, color and more.

Price history

Price history can be used to record changes in prices. These charts can then be output on the website.

Export product fields

With this extension you can write any fields from the product to a blog article, WooCommerce product or other ACF fields. Necessary for filter plugins.

GeoIP Targeting

With this extension you can show your visitors a suitable offer per country. This works via GeoIP targeting.

Customer testimonials about our plugin

Peer Wandiger

The Affiliate Toolkit plugin seriously surprised me. The first impression was slightly dry and it is missing some kind of introduction to the plugin. But in principle it is very easy to use it and offers many functions. The free version is also very helpful but just the paid version holds all the aces.
(german translated)

Dominik Ley

Business Strategist
At the very beginning I used affiliate themes. That also worked quite well. The fact that at some point there were thousands of pages on the net, which looked very similar except for a few differences, bothered me immensely. The switch to plugins was therefore inevitable for me and I experimented and tried a lot, because I personally always have the claim to work with the best tools. When Christof released the Affiliate Toolkit, my heart was opened, because finally a developer had thought about it intensively. The countless interfaces that the Affiliate Toolkit offers were a reason for me to make the change directly on all existing pages. Maybe this is also due to my experience and my work as a strategic business consultant, but a free choice of partners is very important to me, in order to exclude dependencies. Through the development of the Affiliate Toolkit Christof has shown a little bit of his skills and this is how we got to know each other. Since then he is my first contact person when it comes to any programming.
(german translated)

Gordon B.

Affiliate Marketer
After some testing, questioning and trying I finally found Affiliate Toolkit. There I waited for a new version, because the migration from ASA1 worked smoothly. Also, the support was/is fast and straightforward (may be true for other tool providers I use it on several sites and am more than satisfied and can highly recommend it.
(german translated)

Simon Lüthje

Technik Blogger
Affiliate Toolkit is a powerful, comprehensive and flexible WordPress plugin that makes my daily work on my niche sites easier. Besides the "standard" features, Affiliate Toolkit also contains other helpful and valuable additional features that currently no other plugin offer. With the help of the Affiliate Toolkit, I have been able to demonstrably increase my earnings. In addition, I can now implement projects that were not possible before. In addition to the technical refinements, I especially appreciate the exceptionally good support that Christof offers customers here. He kindly helps with any problem and patiently answers even complex questions. All in all, the investment in the handy affiliate toolkit has been more than worth it!
(german translated)

Monika Fuchs

Reise Blogger
I've been using the plugin for a short time and I'm thrilled. I find it very good that you can get started with a free starter version. I have used this offer and convinced me. Also the fast and personal support the simple integration facilitates the use. I soon switched to the paid standard version, because this way I can not only integrate affiliate links for Amazon products, but also use other affiliate networks. Desirable would be more networks, such as and get your guide available and integrate their products intensively on our travel website.Another affiliate network that is attractive to us is Commission Junction.So far I have no increase in sales, but a significant relief in revenue noted maintenance and creation of content. What I like best is that you can customize products and integrate them into your own blog post. We are currently expanding our affiliate offers on our blog and are excited to see how this can increase our revenue.
(german translated)

Stefan S.

Affiliate Marketer
I've been using the affiliate toolkit for more than half a year now and I'm just totally thrilled. Before that, I used 2 other plugins, but they were not that broad of functionality, especially in terms of interfaces & template extensions, like the affiliate toolkit. Especially from the developer's point of view, the plugin is gold value. It is clean written and perfectly documented and if you miss something, then you have the opportunity to ask in the forum or in the Facebook group. In addition, it is also DSGVO compliant and thus spares a lot of trouble. Of me there is clearly a recommendation! =)
(german translated)

Matthias von Aufschnaiter

I am a so-called change of the affiliate toolkit excited! We already had a plugin for product integration in use and created several thousand products with individual descriptions. Now we really wanted to have responsive comparison tables because of the high number of mobile users and in no case did we want to rebuild all products. Before these conditions, the affiliate-toolkit is perfectly suitable.
(german translated)
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