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Switch easily: The affiliate-toolkit solution for Amazon's SiteStripe change

Creation: 23. November 2023
Updated: 27. December 2023

In November 2023, Amazon announced major changes to SiteStripe that will have a significant impact on affiliate marketers. As of December 1, 2023, the image and text+image functionsof SiteStripe will no longer be available. This means that all links created with these functions will no longer work from December 31, 2023. This announcement could be particularly worrying for users who have had numerous such links on their websites for years, especially in view of the considerable amount of time that would be involved in a manual changeover. But we are acting proactively and are already working on a solution.

"On December 1, 2023, two of the SiteStripe features "Image" and "Text+Image" will no longer be available. Links created on your site using Image and Text+Image will stop working December 31, 2023. Please remove them from your content as soon as possible if you have not already done so to avoid broken images on your site. Please note that standard text links from SiteStripe will continue to be available and work appropriately."

Amazon PartnerNet

Customizations in the affiliate-toolkit for SiteStripe users

In order to respond to the upcoming changes at Amazon SiteStripe, our development team has been working intensively on an effective solution. This aims to make the transition easier for users of the toolkit. It is similar to the already proven AAWP migration and allows our users to stay calm while we make the transition as smooth and user-friendly as possible.

What is SiteStripe Migration and how does it work?

  • The SiteStripe migration allows users to easily transfer their existing Amazon SiteStripe links (including image and text+image links) to the affiliate-toolkit. This function was developed to make the migration as smooth and user-friendly as possible.
  • After activating the function in the affiliate-toolkit, existing SiteStripe links are automatically recognized. The tool then converts these links into a format that is compatible with Amazon's current API standards, thus ensuring that they continue to function even after the changes.
  • All migrated links retain their original function, including tracking clicks and attributing sales, which is crucial for affiliate marketers.
  • The migration process does not require any technical knowledge. Users can change their links with just a few clicks, which saves time and increases efficiency.

This extension is particularly useful for users who have a large number of SiteStripe links on their websites and are concerned about the upcoming changes. With SiteStripe Migration, the transition to the new Amazon standards will be a simple and straightforward process.

No-API mode continuation

In addition to the new SiteStripe migration, we would also like to confirm that our popular no-API mode will continue to be available.

Although this mode is not officially part of the Amazon offer, we will do our best to keep it in the next releases. This offers our users continued flexibility and easy handling of their affiliate links.

Important: This is an "unsupported" variant. If Amazon discontinues our query option here, we will also have to discontinue this service.

Managing the SiteStripe changes with the affiliate-toolkit

While the upcoming changes to Amazon SiteStripe are a challenge, they are not an obstacle to continuing your affiliate marketing activities. The affiliate-toolkit reacts proactively to these developments with the introduction of the SiteStripe migration and the continuous support of the no-API mode.

By following these steps, your affiliate links will retain their functionality even after the SiteStripe changes. The SiteStripe migration simplifies the integration of existing links, while the no-API mode offers flexibility in link management without a direct API connection.

With these adjustments in the affiliate-toolkit, you can rest assured that your affiliate efforts will continue to be supported and optimized in the future, helping you make the transition to the new Amazon standards with ease.

Here you can find the addon for our plugin to replace Site Stripe: Amazon Site Stripe Addon

Article written by Christof
Developer with passion. PHP, HTML, CSS have accompanied me since I was 14 years old. .NET applications and services have been part of my profile for a long time. Rounded off by good knowledge of marketing, image editing and video editing.

One comment on “Switch easily: The affiliate-toolkit solution for Amazon's SiteStripe change”

  1. Regina says:

    Hi Christof,
    sounds like a great solution - I was scared to go through all of my blog articles manually 🙂
    But now I'll get a timeout everytime I start to search my page for existing sitestripe links (via "Compatibility").
    What can I do now?
    Thank you very much for your help!

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